“Fred Melville’s music is just awesome; a little like Charlie Patton’s guitar and Stalin’s organ playing in concert. He’s the best postwar American artist.” (General de Gaulle)

“I thought I was the only one!” (J. S. Bach)

“Yes siree! Listening to his ax just made me lose my head.” (Louis XVI)

“I agree with Louis. That is exactly what happened. I mean, we were there. We heard. We know what we’re talking about.” (Marie-Antoinette)

“It was late. I was driving on a dark Arizona highway one night in ’55. I heard that guitar appearing from the Stratosphere, it was like surfing the desert dunes, dude! Bent my fender. I saw the light—sparkling red. It said ‘Venice!’ I said sure. I’m still there. Fred Melville, man! Fred Melville rules.” (Hank Nivram)

“Fred Melville? A burning issue, believe me.” (Joan of Arc)